Here is the latest in entertainment news. Capitol Records is taking its dispute with Vimeo to the high court. Capitol Records is asking the U.S. Supreme Court to consider a case that could send shockwaves through the music and digital industries. It all started with the fad of posting “lip dub” videos on Vimeo and similar sites. Users […]

The Washington Post, AP and others submit an amicus brief that argues the verdict will discourage the news media from correcting errors. After Rolling Stone magazine published its Nov. 19, 2014, article titled “A Rape on Campus,” its tale of a freshman student at the University of Virginia brutally gang raped, the Washington Postidentified major errors […]

Check out the latest in entertainment news. The total amount includes future royalties for a 10-year license. SiriusXM has agreed to pay Flo & Eddie, and the other pre-1972 song rights owners in their class, at least $25 million as part of a settlement reached earlier this month on the eve of a California federal […]

Check out the latest in entertainment news.  The ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’ track was at the center of a lawsuit. A producer who claims he was duped into signing over rights to a sample used in the song “P.I.M.P.” won’t be getting a penny out of rapper 50 Cent. Brandon Parrott sued 50 Cent (aka […]

Check out the latest in entertainment news. Swift’s security team accused Denver radio DJ David Mueller of grabbing her inappropriately while they posed for a photo backstage. Taylor Swift succeeded in her effort to keep from the public a photo of a DJ allegedly groping her during a 2013 pre-concert meet-and-greet when a judge on […]

Check out the latest in entertainment news.  Steven Lamar alleges a 2007 deal entitled him to money from derivative versions of the original design. Beats Electronics, alongside headphones entrepreneurs Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine, must again contend with a lawsuit that claims former hedge-fund manager Steven Lamar has been shortchanged royalties. On Monday, a California appeals court […]

A Fulton County judge ruled today in a $50 million wrongful death civil case that Nick Gordon was “legally responsible” for the death of Bobbi Kristina Brown last year. He failed to appear in court, which led to this decision by judge T. Jackson Bedford, according to 11 Alive reporter Jennifer Leslie, who attended the […]

Check out the latest headline. Songwriters and music publishers, as well as the U.S. Copyright Office, have voiced vehement opposition to the mandate. The Dept. of Justice’s antitrust office has issued a statement explaining the reasons it believes 100 percent licensing, or “full-works licensing,” is required under the consent decree. Songwriters and music publishers, as […]

Check out the latest in entertainment news. Pimpin’ ain’t easy, and neither is winning a copyright lawsuit against a major network. Empire didn’t copy self-described “gangsta pimp” Ron Newt’s life story Bigger Than Big, according to a California federal judge.Newt sued Lee Daniels, Terrence Howard and 20th Century Fox for $1 billion in April 2015, claiming they […]

Check out the latest in entertainment news.  The star’s lawyer argues her visual album and the short film it’s accused of mimicking are “a textbook example” of what does not constitute copyright infringement. Beyonce’s visual album Lemonade doesn’t share any meaningful similarities to the seven-minute short film it’s accused of ripping off, according to a […]