A Fulton County judge ruled today in a $50 million wrongful death civil case that Nick Gordon was “legally responsible” for the death of Bobbi Kristina Brown last year. He failed to appear in court, which led to this decision by judge T. Jackson Bedford, according to 11 Alive reporter Jennifer Leslie, who attended the […]

Check out the latest headline. Songwriters and music publishers, as well as the U.S. Copyright Office, have voiced vehement opposition to the mandate. The Dept. of Justice’s antitrust office has issued a statement explaining the reasons it believes 100 percent licensing, or “full-works licensing,” is required under the consent decree. Songwriters and music publishers, as […]

Check out the latest in entertainment news. Pimpin’ ain’t easy, and neither is winning a copyright lawsuit against a major network. Empire didn’t copy self-described “gangsta pimp” Ron Newt’s life story Bigger Than Big, according to a California federal judge.Newt sued Lee Daniels, Terrence Howard and 20th Century Fox for $1 billion in April 2015, claiming they […]

Check out the latest in entertainment news.  The star’s lawyer argues her visual album and the short film it’s accused of mimicking are “a textbook example” of what does not constitute copyright infringement. Beyonce’s visual album Lemonade doesn’t share any meaningful similarities to the seven-minute short film it’s accused of ripping off, according to a […]

Check out the latest in entertainment news.  The lawsuit seeks to put “We Shall Overcome” in the public domain and make defendants return fees collected for licensing the song. “We Shall Overcome” is the most powerful song of the 20th century and does not belong in the public domain, according to a Friday court filing.A […]

Check out the latest in entertainment news. Photographer Dana Lixenberg is claiming copyright infringement. A Dutch photographer who has shot portraits of many prominent musicians from Prince to Tupac Shakur has raised an issue over the way that Spotify adorns its artist pages with images.”Not content to solely rip off the musicians on whose backs […]

Pop singer Meghan Trainor pulled her brand new music video “Me Too” just hours after the video hit the Internet, claiming producers digitally altered her waist and made it appear slimmer. Trainor, 22, took to social media Monday, speaking out on Snapchat telling fans why the highly anticipated video was removed. “Hey guys, I took […]

The legendary producer sued the artist’s estate and Sony in 2013, claiming he was shorted royalties from posthumous releases. A $10 million lawsuit filed by Quincy Jones over projects made after Michael Jackson’s death will proceed to trial this summer, after a judge denied the defendants’ motion for summary judgment on Thursday. In 2013 Jones […]

Here is the latest in entertainment. Michael Robertson is facing a $15.8 million judgment for infringing song copyrights. Nearly two years ago, in one of the most complex copyright lawsuits of all time, MP3Tunes founder Michael Robertson was found liable at trial for infringing the works of Capitol Records, EMI and other record labels and music […]

Check out the latest in entertainment news. She alleges being turned into an “involuntary pitchman for products of dubious quality.” Darlene Love is targeting Google over use of the song, “It’s a Marshmallow World,” in an advertisement for Nexus phones.The pop singer, inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and hailed as one […]