The ENT Buddy Entertainment Law Institute has an exciting opportunity for attorneys, recent law school graduates, or law students who are interested in practicing entertainment law. If you have an interest in practicing entertainment law, but have not acquired the skill set and expertise to feel comfortable practicing in this area, then the ENT Buddy Entertainment Law Institute may be right for you!

Join us on October 7th-8th for an in-depth course on the music, film, and television areas of entertainment law that is only open to 25 participants. Reserve your spot today!

ENT Buddy Entertainment Law Institute course will cover the following:


* Recording Agreement

* Producer Agreement

* Management Agreement

* Publishing Agreement


*Producer Agreement

* Location Agreement

* Synch/Master Use Agreement

* Talent Agreement

* Director Agreement

* Option/Purchase Agreement

* Special Purpose Entity Formation

We look forward to seeing you on October 7th! Click here to register for the event.