Here are common questions and answers that may help you.

What is PLG’s hourly rate?
Please contact the Firm to discuss hourly rates.
Does the Firm require a retainer to begin work?
Yes. The Perry Law Group does require a minimum amount to be deposited into the client’s retainer account to begin work.
Does the Firm accept clients on a contingency basis?
The Perry Law Group only works with selected clients on a contingency basis. Whether the Firm will work with a client under these terms is based upon the Firm’s discretion. Rates vary. Please contact us to discuss.
If the Firm works with a client on a contingency basis, what is the percentage or fee the Firm takes?
Rates vary. Please contact the Firm to discuss.
Does The Perry Law Group “shop” artists’ materials for deals?
The Firm does not “shop” artists’ materials in the traditional manner of mailing multiple copies of a demo to multiple labels.
What is the Firm’s consultation rate?
Please contact the Firm to discuss consultation rates.