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The former staffer is a Mexican citizen with permanent resident status in the U.S. because she’s a Mexican citizen and fired in retaliation for complaining about it, according to a lawsuit filed Monday in New York federal court. “The essence of Ms. Solache’s claim is that Defendant treated her differently from other employees, underpaid her […]

By Eriq Gardner, The Hollywood Reporter An important copyright dispute breeds strange bedfellows as a couple of TVEyes’ own customers decide to argue the limitations of fair use. How important is the bottom line for TV broadcasters? Apparently significant enough that at least two media companies are willing to imply they themselves have used a […]

Check out the latest in entertainment news. By Eriq Gardner, The Hollywood Reporter An appellate ruling could be a good sign for broadcasters as they fight in court with college athletes. On Wednesday, the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed ESPN’s victory in a legal dispute with Steve “Wild Thing” Ray, who wrestled professionally in […]

By Eriq Gardner, The Hollywood Reporter A lawsuit by Morton Stevens’ children alleges that CBS wrongfully filed a renewal registration after he died and that the new show infringes their rights. Who knows whether U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg watches Hawaii Five-0, but thanks to something she wrote last year, the theme song […]

By Eriq Gardner, The Hollywood Reporter The lawsuit also suggests there’s evidence of CBS being subject to computer intrusions Sharyl Attkisson, a former investigative reporter for CBS News, is alleging in a new lawsuit that the Barack Obama administration has gone too far in its cybersecurity efforts. In a complaint filed in D.C. Superior Court […]