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The former staffer is a Mexican citizen with permanent resident status in the U.S. because she’s a Mexican citizen and fired in retaliation for complaining about it, according to a lawsuit filed Monday in New York federal court. “The essence of Ms. Solache’s claim is that Defendant treated her differently from other employees, underpaid her […]

The nephew of an Egyptian composer has no standing to sue Jay-Z and producer Timbaland for copyright infringement for sampling a flute melody in his rap hit “Big Pimpin’,” a federal appeals court has ruled.

By Eriq Gardner, The Hollywood Reporter A judge is allowing Paul Brodeur to proceed with claims that in the film, he was harmfully named as the source of information that microwaves take nutrition out of food. Paul Brodeur, a science writer who claims he was defamed by something Jennifer Lawrence said in David O. Russell‘s […]

By Eriq Gardner, The Hollywood Reporter The judge granted a legal victory against DLT Entertainment, owner of the the 1970s sitcom starring John Ritter as Jack Tripper. On Tuesday, a New York federal judge accepted David Adjmi’s word that his play 3C was a permissible parody of Three ’s Company. In doing so, the judge granted him a […]

By Carolyn M. Brown, Black Enterprise There is a trend toward more companies hiring a virtual workforce to cut costs and gain access to a wider pool of talent. “There aren’t many cons of working with a good virtual employee, but there are tons to working with a bad one,” says Charell Star, CEO of […]

By Eriq Gardner, The Hollywood Reporter Four lawsuits are filed including one against the executive producer of “Step Up” sequels. United Talent Agency is becoming more aggressive on the commissions collection front with a series of lawsuits filed this week against former clients over money allegedly due. Complaints in LA Superior Court against at least […]

By Austin Siegemund-Broka, The Hollywood Reporter The couple sued YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley for posting video of their marriage proposal, allegedly in violation of a confidentiality agreement. Kim Kardashian is keeping up with the efforts to punish YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley for posting Kanye West‘s marriage proposal to her. This week, a California appeals court […]

By Eriq Gardner, The Hollywood Reporter A New York judge throws out a copyright lawsuit, concluding that TufAmerica doesn’t really have standing to sue. The Beastie Boys have finally dispensed with a lawsuit that claimed the group included unauthorized samples on the 1989 album, “Paul’s Boutique,” in violation of copyright law. The legal action was […]

By Eriq Gardner, The Hollywood Reporter The broadcaster takes preemptive action after being sent multimillion-dollar demands from Empire Distribution Inc. In response to a demand that it pay $5 million and cast several artists in the hit TV series Empire, Fox filed a trademark lawsuit on Monday seeking a declaration that it has every right to […]

By Alex Ben Block, The Hollywood Reporter A production company that also featured a cursing teddy bear says it is now satisfied ‘Ted’ was created by MacFarlane. A production company that sued Seth MacFarlane, Media Rights Capital, Universal Studios and others, charging the cursing teddy bear in Ted infringed on its copyright, withdrew its claims […]