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By Dane Stangler, Forbes Contributor Would immigration reform really boost American entrepreneurship rates? With President Obama’s executive action on immigration, stagnant rates of business creation, and new legislative proposals aimed at recruiting immigrant entrepreneurs, this seems like a salient question to ask. Pick up almost any academic paper on immigrant entrepreneurship and you will find a […]

Alan Gomez, USA TODAY CORRECTIONS & CLARIFICATIONS: An earlier version of this story misstated Rep. Mick Mulvaney’s first name. In the Republican response to President Obama’s State of the Union Address, Sen. Joni Ernst of Iowa talked earnestly about her poor, rural upbringing as she laid out her party’s agenda in the new Congress. But […]

BUDAPEST, Hungary, ABC News The European Union should adopt strict rules regarding immigration and asylum seekers should return to their countries of origin after the crises there have passed, Hungary’s government spokesman said Tuesday. Spokesman Zoltan Kovacs said Hungary would maintain its own tough rules regarding immigration to avoid issues “existing in some Western European […]

By Alex Rogers, TIME The sour topic here at “The Sweetest Place on Earth” is immigration. In Hershey, Pa., at the Republicans’ first dual-chamber retreat in 10 years, conservative and moderate members debated the right strategy to protest the president’s recent executive actions deferring deportations for up to five million immigrants who have come to the […]

By Jay Bookman, Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives said their piece about immigration reform Wednesday. As expected, what they said wasn’t pretty. They voted to reverse last fall’s executive order from President Obama that allows illegal immigrants to defer deportation if they have children who are U.S. citizens or permanent legal residents. […]

By ERICA WERNER, Associated Press House Republicans are taking broad steps to overturn President Barack Obama’s immigration policies and remove protections for immigrants brought illegally to the country as kids. Votes were set Wednesday on legislation worth nearly $40 billion to finance the Homeland Security Department through the rest of the budget year. Republicans were […]

By Carey Wallace, Time News stories about the debate over the DREAM act, the tens of thousands of children who arrive unaccompanied in the U.S. each year and even the backlash against immigrants in Europe after the Charlie Hedbo killings can raise all kinds of questions and stir up all kinds of emotions for kids. This […]

By JOHN REVILL and ANDREW MORSE, The Wall Street Journal Anti-Islam Sentiment Has Increased Since Last Week’s Terror Attacks in Paris ZURICH—Calls to curb immigration from Muslim countries to Switzerland have risen since last week’s terror spree in Paris, the latest evidence that anti-Islam sentiment is rising in one of Europe’s most tolerant countries. Walter Wobmann, a […]

By Niraj Chokshi, The Washington Post  Nearly every state in the nation passed at least one immigration law last year, but legislative activity on the issue was actually slower across state capitals than the year before. Last year, 43 state legislatures and D.C. enacted 171 immigration laws and 117 resolutions. That’s a 7.5 percent decline […]

By OTTAWA, The Economist Canada used to prize immigrants who would make good citizens. Now people with job offers have jumped to the front of the queue IN 1967 Canada invented a way to remove discrimination and prejudice from the process of choosing which immigrants to let in. The points system ignored an applicant’s race and […]