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By Eriq Gardner, The Hollywood Reporter The complaint says that the studio went on a public relations campaign rather than give employees notice about the scope of the breach It’s officially a class-action parade as yet another complaint — the third this week after others filed on Monday and Tuesday — has been filed against […]

By Eriq Gardner, The Hollywood Reporter A closely-watched dispute between Smokey Robinson and his ex-wife Claudette Robinson over song rights is about to be resolved. On Thursday, the parties told a judge that they had reached a settlement in principle. The battle involves termination rights under the 1976 Copyright Act. The legendary R&B singer, whose songs […]

By Eriq Gardner, The Hollywood Reporter The inventor of a device that lets kids pretend they can shoot webs out of the palms of their hands gets to argue why Marvel continues to owe him royalties The U.S. Supreme Court has been caught in Spider-Man’s web, agreeing on Friday to review a case concerning royalty […]

By Eriq Gardner, The Hollywood Reporter A memorandum to dismiss raises the prospect of a telecast where players can never get criticized by commentators In an effort to dismiss a proposed class action, ESPN, CBS, Fox, ABC and NBC have outlined what would happen if a Tennessee federal judge allows college athletes to assert publicity […]

Eriq Gardner, The Hollywood Reporter The comedian is now facing heat over responses made by his publicist and lawyer Bill Cosby‘s biggest threat isn’t the many women who are now coming forward to accuse him of sexual abuse from years ago. Instead, Bill Cosby’s biggest danger is Bill Cosby. The comedian is now facing a […]

Eriq Gardner, The Hollywood Reporter A judge refuses to find “oh” quantitatively or qualitatively significant When it comes to unlicensed samples, New York federal judge Lewis Kaplan has limits. On Monday, he dismissed TufAmerica’s lawsuit claiming that Jay Z and his record companies violated copyright by sampling an “oh” on the song, “Run This Town,” […]

By Austin Siegemund-Broka, The Hollywood Reporter Marty Singer claims that plaintiff Judy Huth’s attorney attempted to extort Cosby before filing claims against the comedian Bill Cosby’s attorney Marty Singer has hit back at the lawsuit filed on Tuesday against the embattled comedian. In motions filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on Thursday, Cosby’s lawyer argues […]

By Eriq Gardner, The Hollywood Reporter Walmart is allegedly using a truck driver in a “ploy” to hinder a negligence lawsuit from moving forward Attorneys for Tracy Morgan, seriously injured in a car crash on the New Jersey Turnpike this past June, are accusing Walmart of using the truck driver at the center of the […]

By Jonathan Handel, The Hollywood Reporter Lawyers for the parents of the camera assistant killed by a CSX train filed papers opposing the railroad’s motion to seal the public record and impose a gag order In a strongly worded brief filed Monday in Georgia state court, lawyers for the parents of Sarah Jones sought to maintain […]

By Eriq Gardner, The Hollywood Reporter The high court tackles how to interpret statements made on social media On Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court delved into modern times by looking at social media, rap music and how to balance an individual’s freedom to shoot from the hip with society’s interest in protecting against those who […]