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By Carey Wallace, Time News stories about the debate over the DREAM act, the tens of thousands of children who arrive unaccompanied in the U.S. each year and even the backlash against immigrants in Europe after the Charlie Hedbo killings can raise all kinds of questions and stir up all kinds of emotions for kids. This […]

By JOHN REVILL and ANDREW MORSE, The Wall Street Journal Anti-Islam Sentiment Has Increased Since Last Week’s Terror Attacks in Paris ZURICH—Calls to curb immigration from Muslim countries to Switzerland have risen since last week’s terror spree in Paris, the latest evidence that anti-Islam sentiment is rising in one of Europe’s most tolerant countries. Walter Wobmann, a […]

By Niraj Chokshi, The Washington Post  Nearly every state in the nation passed at least one immigration law last year, but legislative activity on the issue was actually slower across state capitals than the year before. Last year, 43 state legislatures and D.C. enacted 171 immigration laws and 117 resolutions. That’s a 7.5 percent decline […]

By OTTAWA, The Economist Canada used to prize immigrants who would make good citizens. Now people with job offers have jumped to the front of the queue IN 1967 Canada invented a way to remove discrimination and prejudice from the process of choosing which immigrants to let in. The points system ignored an applicant’s race and […]

By  Michael D. Shear & Randal C. Archibold The New York Times WASHINGTON — Mexico’s president, Enrique Peña Nieto, on Tuesday praised the steps President Obama has taken to shield millions of unauthorized immigrants from deportation, describing them as “an act of justice” after meeting with Mr. Obama at the White House. In his own remarks, Mr. […]

By Nigel Duara, LA Times Bit by bit, the federal judiciary is tearing out the legal ground from under “America’s toughest sheriff.” First, a federal appeals court said it was illegal to deny bail to immigrants in the country illegally. Then, on Monday, an Arizona federal judge blasted a state law that stretched the crime […]

David Frum, The Atlantic The job news is increasingly good: 321,000 jobs created in November. Yet the national economic mood remains grimly bleak. Many Americans feel a sharp distinction between what’s said about “the” economy and what they experience in “their” economy. At the top of the income distribution, wages are rising. In the middle […]

By BRITTNY MEJIA AND JOSEPH SERNA, LA Times By 7:30 a.m. Friday morning, the line outside the Granada Hills Department of Motor Vehicles office wrapped around the plaza. People held clipboards with DMV license applications and some were wrapped in blankets to keep themselves warm in the chilly morning. Pedro Soriano, 38, started the line more […]

By David Sherfinski, Washington Times President Obama says his recent executive actions granting millions of illegal immigrants temporary amnesty could spur Republicans to work together with Democrats on the issue, but if they solidify what he called a “nativist trend” in parts of the Republican Party, there probably won’t be much progress. “If your view […]

By LAURA MECKLER, The Wall Street Journal WASHINGTON—Republicans in Congress are preparing a variety of bills that would make substantial changes to the immigration system, suggesting that the embers of interest in addressing immigration law, once thought to be extinguished, remain alive. GOP leaders in both the House and Senate had said President Barack Obama had “poisoned […]