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THE PERRY LAW GROUP The Perry Group, LLC (the “Firm”) is a boutique, transactional law firm based in Atlanta, Georgia. The Firm was launched in June 2005 by its principal, Keisha R. Perry, and focuses on the areas of Corporate, Entertainment, Immigration and Real Estate Law. The Firm offers a wide range of services in the transactional area of law including contract drafting, interpretation, and negotiation, entity formations, and legal consultation. We also assist individuals, families, and businesses who are navigating through the immigration process. We represent clients throughout the United States and some international clients as well. The Firm provides its clients with efficient, affordable, and beneficial legal advice to adequately prepare them to compete in their respective industries.

CORPORATE LAW In the area of Corporate Law, the Firm focuses on entity formations for Limited Liability Companies, S-Corporations, C-Corporations, or Partnerships. This includes drafting start-up documents, completing federal and state licensing documents, obtaining Taxpayer Identification Numbers, drafting employment agreements, partnership agreements as well as other related agreements. The Firm also assists non-profit corporations in obtaining tax-exempt status by completing the IRS Form 1023. The Firm also serves as a Paymaster and Escrow Agent for client transactions. In addition, the Firm also issues legal opinions for corporations. The Firm offers strategic consulting and business development counsel to business owners. REAL ESTATE LAW In the Real Estate field, the Firm focuses on purchase closings, refinance closings, FHA and VA closings for residential and commercial properties located in the State of Georgia. The Firm’s closing process includes pulling title, obtaining payoffs, completing the title commitment, clearing title defects, issuing lender and owner’s title insurance, disbursing funds, and filing executed deeds. We also complete dispossessory and eviction filings on behalf of landlords as well as assist with landlord/tenant matters.

ENTERTAINMENT LAW In the Entertainment arena, the Firm focuses on music, film, television, and literary works. The Firm has established a continuously growing client base including artists, producers, songwriters, authors, directors, e-commerce companies, small business owners and independent labels. The Firm drafts, negotiates, reviews, and revises contractual agreements for its clients. The Firm strives to reassure that our clients fully understand their contractual agreements and are satisfied with the end result. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, where new trends and standards are being set for the entertainment industry, the Firm is in the heart of one of the major marketplaces for entertainment.

IMMIGRATION LAW The Perry Law Group provides businesses and individuals with the latest and most efficient immigration strategy. We represent businesses, individuals, families, entertainers, and athletes undergoing the U.S. immigration process. Whether applying for a temporary or permanent visa, we assist our clients maneuver through the intricate immigration process. We handle cases involving most aspects of employment and family-based immigration, as well as citizenship and nationality issues. We understand that the immigration process is not only tedious, but also can be personally challenging. Our goal is to assist in relieving the burden by providing efficient, affordable, and personable services.

the team

Keisha R. Perry, Esq.


Since establishing The Perry Law Group, Ms. Perry has served clients nationally and internationally in all of the Firm’s practice areas.

Aixsha Bishop, Esq.

Of Counsel

A native of Panama, Ms. Bishop is making great strides to help expand the Firm’s presence in the immigration field.

Adrienne S. Alexander, Esq.

Of Counsel

Ms. Alexander is the Firm’s key brand strategist specializing in the entertainment, sports, and new media industries.

Tiana L. Ferrell, MBA

Legal Assistant

Tiana L. Ferrell began working in the legal profession following several years of employment within the non-profit and public relations industries.

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areas of practice

PLG has five core areas of practice within our law firm.

As you may have already discovered, legal practice encompasses many diverse practice settings. As such, it is important that you work with an attorney that not only specializes in your area of interest but is also well-experienced in that arena. At PLG, we focus on five core practice areas: Corporate and Business Matters, Entertainment, Immigration, Intellectual Property and Real Estate.

In addition to legal matters, the firm has expanded to provide consulting services for businesses both large and small. A detailed listing of our typical services within each practice area is provided below. A review of this list will help determine if PLG is the right firm for you. If you still have questions about your legal or business matter in regards to selecting a firm to represent you, please don't hesitate to contact us.





BUSINESS TRANSACTIONS Entity Formations/Dissolution Contract Drafting Contract Review/Revision Contract Negotiation Business Strategy Consultation Business Development Paymaster Escrow Agent Legal Opinions   REAL PROPERTY TRANSACTIONS Residential Lease Agreements Dispossessory Filings Commercial Closings Commercial Lease Agreements Landlord Tenant Matters

MUSIC Recording Agreements Distribution Agreements Production Agreements Management Agreements Producer Agreements Music Publishing/ Co-Publishing/ Administration Agreements Talent Agency Agreements Licensing Agreements (Master/Mechanical) Registrations With Public Performance Societies Sampling Letters of Authorization Music Synchronization and Compilation Clearances TV/FILM Pre-production/Development Agreements Production and Co-production Agreements Financing Agreements Investor Agreements Music Synchronization Agreements Director Agreements Producer Agreements Talent Agreements Film Crew Agreements Clearances Option Agreements

COPYRIGHT Copyright Registration Cease and Desist Letters TRADEMARK Research of Availability Registration Licensing

TEMPORARY VISAS Student Visas F-1 Visa J-1 Visa M-1 Visa Work Visas L-1 Visa O-1 Visa O-2 Visa P-1 Visa P-2 Visa P-3 Visa R-1 Visa TN Visa Visitor Visas B-1 Visa B-2 Visa PERMANENT VISAS Employment Based Immigration EB-1 EB-2 EB-3 EB-4 EB-5

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‘Walking Dead’ Producer Sues for Trademark Infringement

Check out the latest in entertainment news. The name ‘Valhalla’ is at the center of the dispute. A producer behind AMC’s The Walking Dead is suing a company that is building production facilities using a similar name, according to a complaint filed Wednesday in Georgia federal court. Valhalla Entertainment says it has been developing and […]

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DreamWorks Settles Animators’ Antipoaching Suit for $50M

Disney, Lucasfilm and Pixar remain in the fight. DreamWorks is the latest studio to bow out of an antipoaching fight with VFX workers — and is paying $50 million to do it, according to a Monday court filing. The legal battle began in 2014, when a former DreamWorks employee sued, claiming a gentleman’s agreement among heads of the major […]

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Disney Sued by ‘Doc McStuffins’ Actress Over Merchandise Revenue

Check out the latest in entertainment news. The suit claims the young actress is owed money and signs single-day contracts so the show can replace her at will. Popular Disney Junior series Doc McStuffins has been failing to pay the show’s young star her share of merchandise revenue, according to a lawsuit filed Tuesday in L.A. […]

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Gabrielle Union Sues BET Over ‘Being Mary Jane’

Check out the latest in entertainment news. The actress claims the network is combining seasons four and five to lower her pay and extend her contract. BET is upping the episodes of Being Mary Jane to squeeze more out of Gabrielle Union’s contract, according to a lawsuit filed Tuesday in Los Angeles County Superior Court. […]

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Conan O’Brien Joke Theft Lawsuit Adds an Additional Joke

Check out the latest in entertainment news.  The comedian and much of his writing staff have been deposed in the copyright case. Conan O’Brien, TBS and others continue to face a lawsuit that alleges they ripped off jokes posted on Robert “Alex” Kaseberg’s blog. Late last month, discovery in the copyright litigation ended, and on […]

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Entertainment Law Institute for Law Students and Attorneys

The ENT Buddy Entertainment Law Institute has an exciting opportunity for attorneys, recent law school graduates, or law students who are interested in practicing entertainment law. If you have an interest in practicing entertainment law, but have not acquired the skill set and expertise to feel comfortable practicing in this area, then the ENT Buddy […]

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Hollywood Studios Beat Lawsuit Over Non-Captioning of Song Lyrics in Movies and Television

Check out the latest in entertainment news. The putative class action came on behalf of those with hearing disabilities alleging misrepresentations and violations of civil rights. Disney, Warner Bros., Universal, Paramount, Sony and Buena Vista Home Entertainment have beaten a lawsuit that alleged that Hollywood has violated various laws by refusing to provide more captioning […]

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