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Check out the latest in entertainment news.  Does selling a song to the public qualify as “publishing” it? Flo & Eddie of The Turtles may have settled their royalties row with SiriusXM — but their fight with Pandora wages on and is currently being reviewed by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. Howard Kaylan and Mark […]

Check out the latest in entertainment news.  Plus, Viacom beats a lawsuit over ‘Love & Hip Hop’ and sanctions are threatened in a suit over Bob Marley hits. Corey Clark’s “fall from American Idol stardom” is an issue of public interest and Radar Online should have prevailed in its efforts to beat a defamation suit […]

Check out the latest in entertainment news.  Coleman says she was the only black female host of Hollywood Today Live from the time she began working on the show as an internet series in May 2014 to when she was terminated from the daily live entertainment television show in November 2015. At the time the […]

Check out the latest in entertainment news. The suit also claims a department supervisor reenacted graphic sex scenes from horror movies during meetings. An Oprah Winfrey Network employee says her supervisor shamed her for morning sickness, simulated squeezing her breasts during a meeting and regularly discussed sexually graphic movie scenes in staff meetings, according to […]

Check out the latest in entertainment news. A lawsuit is filed after last month’s approval by Los Angeles’ city council. Paramount Pictures recently got approval from the City of Los Angeles for a $700 million expansion of its Hollywood studio lot. One neighbor is unhappy. Greg Degraf filed a lawsuit on Thursday over the addition […]

Check out the latest in entertainment news.  A judge will examine whether there’s enough evidence for a trial. Cobb Theatres, an independent movie theater chain in the Southeast region of the U.S., told a Georgia federal judge on Friday that a jury could find AMC Entertainment engaged in illegal antitrust activity by demanding geographical exclusivity on […]

Check out the latest in entertainment news.  The development comes after four years of litigation and a $140 million verdict in a landmark privacy suit against a media company. Gawker apparently is tapping out. On Wednesday, Gawker Media’s founder Nick Denton published a statement that the company’s legal battle with Hulk Hogan over the publishing of an […]

Check out the latest in entertainment news. The name ‘Valhalla’ is at the center of the dispute. A producer behind AMC’s The Walking Dead is suing a company that is building production facilities using a similar name, according to a complaint filed Wednesday in Georgia federal court. Valhalla Entertainment says it has been developing and […]

Disney, Lucasfilm and Pixar remain in the fight. DreamWorks is the latest studio to bow out of an antipoaching fight with VFX workers — and is paying $50 million to do it, according to a Monday court filing. The legal battle began in 2014, when a former DreamWorks employee sued, claiming a gentleman’s agreement among heads of the major […]

Check out the latest in entertainment news. The suit claims the young actress is owed money and signs single-day contracts so the show can replace her at will. Popular Disney Junior series Doc McStuffins has been failing to pay the show’s young star her share of merchandise revenue, according to a lawsuit filed Tuesday in L.A. […]