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The former staffer is a Mexican citizen with permanent resident status in the U.S.

because she’s a Mexican citizen and fired in retaliation for complaining about it, according to a lawsuit filed Monday in New York federal court.

“The essence of Ms. Solache’s claim is that Defendant treated her differently from other employees, underpaid her because of her national origin, failed to give her a title or salary commensurate with her position and responsibilities, and, when Ms. Solache questioned the manner in which she was being treated, Defendants retaliated against her by manufacturing a pretext for its termination of Ms. Solache’s employment,” states the complaint. 

Maria Solache began working at CBS in December 2014 as a director of international treasury, according to the complaint, and was paid $150,000 a year. Her responsibilities included overseeing foreign trading and international bank accounts, tracking global economic market conditions and supporting international finance teams. 

Solache says the Department of Labor notified CBS that the prevailing wage for her role was more than 40 percent higher than she was being paid. The company increased her salary to $227,000, but lowered it again when it “was confident that the eyes of DOL were no longer upon it.”

After she complained about her title and salary not being commensurate with her peers, Solache says she was terminated for insubordination allegedly in connection with making a trade without approval. 

CBS has not replied to a request for a comment in response to the complaint, which is posted below. 

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Source: Hollywood Reporter OCTOBER 08, 2019 10:56am PT by Ashley Cullins